Temporary Staffing or Time and Material Model Staffing services empower companies to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically hiring IT professionals on a requirement basis. We have worked extensively across India and consequently gained a specialist reputation from our clients. We are ably equipped to deliver Temporary IT Staffing resources that are critical to the success of your organization.

Advantages of ThomasMount Temporary staffing services:

  • Temporary Cover: Ideal to fill a role temporary when an existing employee takes extended or unexpected leave.
  • On the Job Evaluation: Many employers love ‘temp to hire’ options, where their temporary workers first prove that they can do the work, and then their contract shifts over to direct employment later. This dramatically reduces the costs of making mistakes and hiring new employees who don’t work out.
  • Benefits reduction: Temporary staff generally doesn’t expect to receive any additional benefits like bonuses and private health insurance that you would offer with a full time contract
  • Reduction in administrative costs: This also helps in decreasing the work load related to paperwork and pay roll expenses
  • Short term assignments: It could be a great solution for project work or headcount difficulties.


ThomasMount's unique recruitment methodology allows employers to choose the best resources. We maintain proactive talent pools that add great value to employers. Talent pools are organized by pool moderators and researchers who continuously provide latest trends, practices and technology updates.

We provide resources that bridge the gap between Information Technology and solutions so that businesses can remain competitive. Our core purpose is to help companies be more successful through the use of information, systems and technology

We provide candidates whose expertise includes Application Development, Quality Assurance, ERP & CRM implementation and support, System Analysis and Design, Project Management and End-User Technical Support and Training.


Employee training and development are of high importance during the turbulent times of economy. Now a day, the projects’ technical requirements are so challenging, the time required to meet their expectations by training an employee is very short. To meet the training needs of our customer and to help them to reduce the gap between hiring and deployment of resources, we have comprehensive training programs conducted by our certified technical trainers. The training can be conducted across India.

ThomasMount is committed to helping our customers achieve the skills and expertise to support the current technologies and scale the knowledge to the future needs. The training is designed for companies, individual and project specific requirements to maintain or upgrade their technical skills.

ThomasMount has a wide range of courses to offer to cover the training needs of the customer. We offer technology trainings covering basic technology concepts to standards trainings and next generation technology concepts.

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